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Course Detail

BOSHA Orthopedic Nursing Summit 2018

The goal of this continuing medical education activity is to enhance and improve clinical behavior in order to increase positive outcomes for registered nurses working with orthopedic patients. The activity will include a specialized presentation for geriatric nursing credit as required by the Texas Board of Nursing and the topics include:
  • Emergency Care for hematoma patients
  • Early detection and assessment of cervical hematoma’s
  • Patient population and selection for Tissue transplant/biopsy
  • Timeline and possible complications for Tissue transplant/biopsy
  • Chronic pain patients in acute care
  • Patient education for chronic pain & opioid use
  • Medications & anesthesia 
  • Regional blocks, post-op care in hospital & at home
  • Post-op strategies
  • Strategies to avoid delirium in eldery patients




7:30am        Enhanced Recovery
                    Jonn Boudreaux, MD

8:00am        Regional Blocks
                    John Boudreaux, MD

8:45am        Neuroaxial Monitoring
                   Kathryn Overzet

9:30am        BREAK

9:45am        Chronic Pain in the Acute Surgical Setting
                    David Graybill, DO

10:15am      Tissue Transplant & Biopsy
                    Joseph Berman, MD

11:00am      Cervical Hematoma’s: Early Detection & Treatment
                    Michael Ramsey, MD

11:30am      WORKING LUNCH

11:45am      Geriatric Delirium in the Acute Surgical Setting
                    Mark Barisa, PhD, ABPP-CN

12:45pm      Infection Control
                    Speaker TBD

1:35pm        EVALUATIONS & ADJORN