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Course Detail

Baylor Medical Center at Uptown Orthopedic and Spine Conference 2018


This ​conference ​is ​designed ​to ​educate ​PT’s, ​OT’s, ​RN’s ​and ​other ​allied ​health ​professionals ​on ​common ​upper ​extremity, ​lower ​extremity, ​and ​spine ​conditions. ​ ​Our ​distinguished ​speakers ​will ​present ​recent ​advancements ​and ​industry ​updates ​with ​informative ​assessments ​and ​provide ​‘’take ​away” ​strategies ​for ​immediate ​application ​through ​focused ​discussion ​on ​commonly ​encountered ​disorders ​of ​the ​extremities ​and ​spine. ​The ​educational ​format ​will ​encourage ​learner ​participation ​with ​interactive ​presentations ​and ​evidence ​based ​dialogue.

  • Provide an optimal care plan for a broad range of post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Utilize current guidelines in the management of frequently encountered therapeutic issues.
  • Formulate comprehensive evidence-based interventions and treatment strategies to reduce modifiable risk factors and improve long term outcomes

The emphasis will be on the integration of current scientific literature and clinical practice into developing clinical reasoning skills and proficiency in the execution of treatment and/or therapy.

Expected Outcome of Meeting

Participants will walk away with specific strategies to implement the evidence based advances into practice.  The goal is to advance clinical competence, thereby improving patient experience and outcomes.

This multidisciplinary conference will be measured for impact on clinical competence and practice performance. Participants will  complete a post conference survey evaluating the  speakers, content, overall course and facility.


Educational Objectives

After attending this activity, participants should be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of orthopedic conditions; anatomy and biomechanics to the evaluation and treatment from an evidence based scientific perspective.
  2. Recognize and distinguish musculoskeletal disorders commonly encountered by signs and symptoms.
  3. Be able to discern typical or critical medical conditions that might present in orthopedic and spine patients  and determine the appropriate referral to specialist for further diagnostic testing
  4. Be able to process all the information and develop a treatment plan based on evidence to provide quality patient care
  5. The implementation of discussed proven interventions will result in value-based, effective, quality patient care.


Target Audience

This meeting is planned and implemented