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International Symposium on Cryoablation for Arrhythmias

When: Saturday, 11/16/2013

Where: Baylor University Medical Center - 17th Floor of R, 3501 Junius St., Dallas, Texas, 75246

What: The International Symposium on Cryoablation for Arrhythmias is designed to educate the physician about the etiology and causes of atrial fibrillation, its clinical consequences for their patients and to provide a review of various evidence based management strategies of care. This activity will emphasize the role of cryoablation as a curative strategy for atrial fibrillation and other types of supraventricular arrhytmias, and will review the data supporting the recently FDA approved cryoballoon ablation of atrial fibrillation.

Who: Physicians and Cardiovascular Care Specialists involved in the care of atrial fibrillation patients - including Family / General Practitioners, General Cardiologists, Electrophysiologists and other Cardiovascular Care specialists.

Course Material

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